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It isn’t just the finance and title deeds that need to have secure foundations in a property transaction. The legacy of our extensive mining industry combined with natural hazards means that understanding the ground below the property and its immediate vicinity is vital. Time and climate change are revealing previously unknown shallow mining or areas of softer bedrock, which could open up gardens lawns or leave the foundations exposed.

Conveyancers need to highlight potential subsidence risks to their clients so that they can avoid the trap of limited or no insurance or very high excesses and disruption should the worst happen.

The British Geological Survey’s (BGS) Property Subsidence Assessment (PSA), included in all reports containing the Ground Stability module, offers an advanced assessment of shrink-swell subsidence risk, specific to the individual property.

This advanced assessment of shrink-swell subsidence risk considers features such as soil type, proximity of trees, the age of the property and the depth of its foundations to provide an individual rating for each property. This is expertly analysed and intuitively presented by FCI to ensure a clear interpretation of the risks, together with practical expert actionable advice where a risk does exist, for the benefit of the conveyancer or solicitor and their client to enable them to proceed with the transaction.


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Looking for our CON29M Official Coal Mining Searches?

Complete with unique, inclusive triple-tier insurance protection*, FCI offers the CON29M Official Coal Mining Search range that puts your client’s needs first. Providing peace of mind for conveyancers and solicitors with a combination of expert risk interpretation and unparalleled insurance protection for homebuyers, vendors and lenders as standard.

*Insurance subject to specific Terms and Conditions.

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