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It isn’t just the finance and title deeds that need to have secure foundations in a property transaction. The legacy of our extensive mining industry combined with natural hazards means that understanding the ground below the property and its immediate vicinity is vital. Time and climate change are revealing previously unknown shallow mines or areas of softer bedrock, which could open up gardens lawns or leave the foundations exposed.

Conveyancers need to highlight potential subsidence risks to their clients so that they can avoid the trap of limited or no insurance or very high excesses and disruption should the worst happen.

Our unique partnership with Property Assure provides highly accurate, postcode specific risk analysis, backed up with more detailed site surveys to verify whether it could affect your client before they commit to the transaction.



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If a potential subsidence risk is identified, our partner Property Assure can undertake a more detailed site survey, together with follow on sub-surface investigation, crack and level monitoring.

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