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Significant opportunity exists for commercial property, but in these changing times, your client wants to understand clearly and simply what asset risks could lie in wait.

This means an even handed approach to environmental due diligence ahead of site acquisition to fully understand a site’s history. Your client needs a realistic assessment of how significant any contaminative risk really is or the likelihood of any potential remedial work before occupation.

It also means assessing, flood risk, infrastructure and subsidence issues that could affect land value and site operations. Business continuity is the key.

Our concise reports, backed with a robust expert opinion with full reliance, address key market sector needs with solutions that keep the transaction on track.

Retail/High Street Premises

Our FCI Retail Report is specifically designed to help inform and support purchase or investment decisions for small commercial retail properties. Providing a summary of potential environmental risks that could interrupt business continuity or affect trading, this best value commercial report includes a zero excess remediation warranty, providing the best protection and peace of mind.

Commercial/Industrial Property

Investing in or relocating to new commercial premises is a big financial commitment. Understanding the potential environmental risks in the locality, including local community receptors, infrastructure and air quality impacts which are vital considerations for business managers. The FCI Commercial Report delivers a comprehensive analysis that provides clarity in choosing the optimal location.

Brownfield Land for Development

The Government is seeking imaginative solutions to overcome obstacles in the planning and financing of brownfield projects. To meet this opportunity, commercial property lawyers and their clients must decisions based on straightforward environmental risk data, backed with expert opinion. The FCI Commercial Report assesses the risks to support a more rounded view on site viability.

Additional Support

Contaminated Land Insurance

A unique ‘off the shelf’ contaminated land insurance scheme for commercial properties. This innovative product enables cover without the need for a bespoke referral process, saving time and maintaining momentum in the transaction.

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FCI Flood Appraisal

We partner with flood risk experts Ashfield Solutions Group to offer an affordable, property specific, fully manually assessed review of flood risk in relation to a property, where a ‘further action’ for flood risk is identified in an initial environmental search report.

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Fixed Fee Further Reviews

A quick, cost effective and robust route to investigate and solve potential environmental liabilities flagged in reports for commercial property. A fixed fee with no limit to the amount of enquiries that can be made

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Experts on Hand

Penny Andrews

Penny is a Chartered Environmental Surveyor and a Chartered Environmentalist. Her work has involved a large number of contaminated land investigations and applied her specialist knowledge to bespoke environmental insurance underwriting.

Tim Champney

Tim’s background is in environmental consultancy, having worked for many years delivering risk assessments where land or property is being transacted or developed. He has extensive experience of advising clients on operational risk reduction and mitigation, through environmental audits and inspections of commercial and industrial processes.

He has worked on a multitude of projects, from complex property portfolio transfers, through to the design and implementation of Preliminary Risk Assessments (“Phase 1”) and Geoenvironmental Intrusive Investigations (“Phase 2”) for the purposes of both small and multimillion-pound development projects.

He has direct experience from the perspective of a regulator, in his capacity as an outsourced Local Authority Environmental Health/Contaminated Land practitioner. Tim also holds expertise in the value of other transactional services such as environmental indemnities, through his work as both a broker and underwriter of environmental insurance.

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