Title Risks

Identifying Title Risks and Solutions

Risks that may require attention prior to the completion of a transaction include issues relating to the tenure or grade of the title, cautions or notices, and matters that may affect the intended use of the property, such as restrictive covenants or absence of easements.

TitleChecker® is a unique report that automates the task of investigating a title and examines the Land Registry records and the relevant parts of the CML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2 to identify elements that may require attention in order to satisfy mortgage lender requirements.



TitleChecker® helps to streamline the conveyancing process by automating the title investigation process, helping to save time and money, reducing the risk of error, and suggesting solutions for any issues which are raised.

TitleChecker® presents the results in an easy-to-read format, and offers the following benefits:

  • Assists with due diligence and informing the client
  • Suggests solutions to issues raised in the title
  • Reduces the risk of error within a logic process-oriented part of conveyancing
  • TitleChecker® is provided with the benefit of a search insurance policy, offering cover up to a market value of £2m where there is an error in the Land Registry data

How does TitleChecker® work?

TitleChecker® identifies elements of the title that require attention and where possible will suggest a solution to enable the transaction to proceed. The report is split into three sections:

    The basic elements of the Land Registry title, e.g. tenure or grade of title.
    Identifies matters that may affect the proprietors legal and/or beneficial interest in the property, e.g. a caution or notice.
  3. USE
    Relates to matters that may affect the proprietors intended use of the property, e.g. restrictive covenants or mineral rights.

TitleChecker® offers a summarised result for each of the above sections, itemised clearly at the top of the report. The overview analysis of each component is listed below. Where there are issues which require attention or a critical risk is identified, a more detailed analysis with actions to consider are provided.

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