FCI Planning and FCI Premium Plus Planning

Because the area never stays the same.


Some potential issues may be obvious when your client first views a property – the road noise, the river at the end of the garden or cracks in the brickwork. But things are continually changing in the area around the house: New build developments, extensions, changes of use – they can all have a major future impact on your client’s quiet enjoyment of their future home.

But they could also identify opportunities for your client to maximise their investment: what is getting approved? Can they do the same? The NEW FCI Premium Plus Planning and NEW FCI Planning reports deliver unparalleled insight on current and future changes.


  • NEW FCI Premium Plus Planning now covers environmental issues, such as potentially contaminated land, flood, mining/ground stability and energy/transportation impacts, as well as key planning considerations; one single toolset, multiple effective uses.


  • NEW FCI Planning offers comprehensive planning information in one dedicated report, enabling homebuyers to make informed decisions.


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Quick Facts

Highly Accurate, Up-to-Date

With FCICapture technology, local data has never been more meaningful. With 10 years relevant planning history that is constantly updated to give the latest picture, this ensures your client has the best view on what’s going on around their future home.

Less Clutter, More Detail

Planning data has for too long been one huge data dump of local amenities and features that are often too far away to have a direct impact. We laser in to a 250m radius and bring more insight on the key developments and changes in the area that your client would feel day to day.

Track Changes, Spot Patterns

Land use zoning and designations creates clusters of what can and can’t be built. Changes of use, plots of in-fill land being developed and types of extensions, helps build a clearer picture for your client on what is happening on the ground.

Understand Impacts, Take Action

Spotting the key planning decisions and how land and buildings are changing, helps your client see the future clearer. Will they be impacted by more traffic, noise or light pollution? Will there be clear visual affects to the views from the windows?

Limited potential? Major Scope?

Is the area affected by planning restrictions? Could this constrain the investment potential? What extensions are the neighbours doing? Could your client do the same to maximise value? Could your client win or lose?

Try before you buy

To take advantage of a trial free order of your first environmental report, please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will need to take more details of the property or site and ask some more questions about your firm and the transaction.

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