Introducing: Faster Access to Further Action Solutions

Across the FCI range, for any risk or issue identified in an initial environmental search, FCI reports offer next step solutions, whether that be simple checks, or a more detailed assessment of the risk.

We are pleased to announce that the hugely popular Appraisal range of consultancy follow-on solutions are now available to order online.

Designed to offer greater insight and an enhanced expert opinion in the case of a ‘Further Action’ result relating to key Law Society practice note guidance on flood and contaminated land; the Flood Appraisal and Enviro Appraisal products offer an affordable solution and enable your client to make an informed decision regarding a transaction, fully armed with all the facts.

Now easily available to order online from leading conveyancing search providers and via the FCI ordering platform, we are delighted to help improve access to and speed up the delivery of this highly beneficial range of follow-on solutions for your clients.

As bespoke solutions for contaminated land and flood ‘Further Action’ results, key supplementary detail, such as the current and proposed use of the property, is also able to be quickly selected for consideration as part of the Enviro Appraisal or Flood Appraisal assessment, offering additional value and insight for your client.

About the Appraisal Services

•  Flood Appraisal – Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, the Flood Appraisal is an affordable, property specific, fully manually assessed review of flood risk in relation to a property. It provides a detailed analysis of flood risk, derived from complementary data sources and flood mapping, coupled with unrivalled insight and expertise from specialist flood risk experts, Ashfield Solutions Group.

Helping to guide and inform all stakeholders, the Flood Appraisal provides insight, clarity, and confidence to help support property purchase or investment decisions.

•  Enviro Appraisal – Providing a quick, robust, and cost-effective solution where a closer assessment of contaminated land risk is required.

FCI’s expert Risk Team will approach the regulators to gather and review additional property specific information to quantify the likely magnitude of the risks identified in the original search.

With a more informed assessment, in most cases the Enviro Appraisal service can help to facilitate the transaction by providing a superseding ‘Pass’ risk assessment. On occasions where unacceptable risks remain, we provide clear next steps on mitigation or resolution.

To find out more about the Appraisal range of services, please contact the Risk Team on or 01732 755180.

Try before you buy

To take advantage of a trial free order of your first environmental report, please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will need to take more details of the property or site and ask some more questions about your firm and the transaction.

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