FCI Flood Appraisal

FCI have partnered with flood risk experts Ashfield Solutions Group to offer an affordable, property specific, fully manually assessed review of flood risk in relation to a property, where a ‘further action’ for flood risk is identified in an initial environmental search report.


Flooding can have a direct impact on a property and its occupants, as well as on the property’s insurability, mortgagability, saleability and value.

Starting from just £300.00 + VAT* for a Commercial property, the FCI Flood Appraisal is a property specific, fully manually assessed report, delivering a detailed analysis of the flood risk to a property.

Designed specifically to provide additional insight following a ‘Further Action’ flood risk result on an initial environmental search report, the FCI Flood Appraisal satisfies the requirements of the Law Society Flood Practice Note in obtaining suitable further information.

Derived from complementary data sources and flood mapping, coupled with expert independent insight from Ashfield Solutions Group’s experienced team, the report provides clarity, and ultimately makes those all-important property acquisition or investment decisions that much easier.

Who is it for?

The FCI Flood Appraisal is designed to guide and inform all stakeholders including commercial investors, business owners, conveyancers and professional advisors.


FCI Flood Appraisal
Enhanced flood analysis, reducing and closing off risk wherever possible.

– £300 – Commercial*
– £195 – Residential*

Complementary Services

Flood Assessment Site Walkover
A full on-site analysis of the potential causes of flooding.

– £950 – Commercial^
– £750 – Residential^


(*) Prices start from. All prices exclude VAT and are based on the prior purchase of an initial Search Report. Turnaround time is three working days. (^) All prices exclude VAT. Subject to property size, location, and use. Turnaround time subject to property size, location and scope.

Find Out More

To find out more about the FCI Flood Appraisal, please contact the Risk Team via the details below.
01732 755 180

Quick Facts

Affordably Priced

From £300 for a Commercial Property*

Manual Assessment

By a Qualified Flood Consultant

Professional Opinion

With clear Outcomes and details of Revised Flood Risk (where applicable)


Considers additional factors (e.g. Ground Levels, Property Thresholds or the presence of Basements) as part of the assessment

Location Context

Review of Property Photography (where available or provided)

Key Research

Review of Local Authority Records and Planning Applications in relation to Flood risk

Local Attributes

Details of Flood Defences and Flood Warning / Alert History

Forward Planning

Advice on potential Redevelopment Constraints & Occupation or Operational Risks in relation to Flood risk

Robust Due Diligence

Complies with the Law Society’s Flood Risk Practice Note

Clear Recommendations

Given where required for appropriate Resilience or Resistance measures


Summary of potential Impacts, and a clear Insurability Statement

Delivered in Partnership with

Ashfield Solutions Group is a multi-disciplinary environmental risk consultancy. Their experienced team fully understand the complexities that can emerge from property and land investment.

Ashfield’s team of flood risk and drainage consultants are on-hand to share their independent expertise in order to aid in fulfilling those investment aspirations, whether it be a new home, vacant land or commercial property. Please visit their website for more information:

Try before you buy

To take advantage of a trial free order of your first environmental report, please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will need to take more details of the property or site and ask some more questions about your firm and the transaction.

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