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Residential Product Overview

Future Climate Info has created an innovative suite of Environmental Reports that analyses data on Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure. The reports are divided into Premium, Standard and Essential with standardised data modules to ensure that each element provides a consistent response for each report. Not only do these reports assist with best practice due diligence but they are also compliant with Law Society guidance in screening for Environmental and Flood.

The Advantages

  • Expertise – Future’s team has over 80 years of industry knowledge
  • Compliant – All Reports comply with Law Society Guidance and Practice Notes (inc Flood)
  • Professional Opinion – Provided on all data not just Contaminated Land
  • Clear + Concise – Comprehensive data analysis simply summarised
  • Competitively Priced – The market’s most cost effective solutions

The Range

Each report uses a modular approach to ensure that all data is uniform throughout the range. All you need to do is select the report with the modules you require.


£39.00 + VAT (1)

Meets the minimum requirements of the Law Society’s guidance on flooding and Contaminated Land.


£45.00 + VAT(1)

Contains all of the information from the Essential report and includes Ground Stability data.


£50.00 + VAT(1)

Contains all of the information from the Standard report and includes data on Energy & Infrastructure such as wind farms, shale gas exploration, and HS2.

(1) Recommended Retail Prices listed are for residential properties less than 0.25 hectares
(2)These data modules can be purchased as stand-alone products. Commercial reports are also available.

The Data

Every Future Climate Info report contains the relevant datasets from all of the key information sources, including our own high quality, unique research of the key information sources, including our own high quality, unique research of historical maps for potentially contaminated in-filled land.

Data Modules


Analyses the impacts from key risks including:

Artificial Ground, Contaminated Land Insurability, Contaminated Land Register Entries and Notices, Current Industrial Land Uses, Environmental Permits, Petrol Stations, Landfill Sites Past and Present, Telecommunications Transmitters, Potentially Contaminated Land from Past Industrial Land Uses, Pollution Incidents, Potentially In-Filled Land, Pylons and Electricity Lines, Radon Gas, Regulated Environmental Processes, and Surface Dangers or Hazards.


Analyses the impacts from key risks listed by The Law Society including:

Flooding from Rivers, The Sea, and Surface Water Flooding, Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility, Historic Flooding, Flood Insurability, Flood Storage Areas, and nearby Surface Water Features.

Ground Stability

Analyses the impacts from key risks including nearby:

Ball Clay Mining Areas, Brine Compensation Areas, China Clay Mining Areas, Coal Mining Areas, Geohazards such as Clay Shrinkage, Landslips, Landslides and Sink Holes, Limestone Mining Areas, Past Mining Hazards in Minerals other than coal, Modified Ground, Natural Cavities, Potentially In-filled Land and Tin Mining Areas.

Energy & Infrastructure

Analyses the impacts from key risks including:

Carbon Capture and Storage, Coal Bed Methane Extraction, Crossrail, Current and Future Hydropower Installations, Gas Recovery from Mines, HS2, Licensed Oil, Gas, and Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction, Major Energy, Environmental, and Transport Infrastructure, Power Stations, Solar Farms, Underground Coal Gasification and Wind Farms.

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