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Ripon sinkhole - what do we know?

Sinkhole alert! Twelves homes have been evacuated after a large sinkhole appeared in the back gardens of two properties in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

The sinkhole is reported to be 20m wide by 10m with an ‘unknown depth’ and not the first sinkhole that Ripon has experienced over the last few years. The Ripon area is prone to sinkhole activity with the last opening beneath a 100-year building in Magdalen’s Close in 2014, causing a partial collapse of a house.

According to the British Geological Survey (BGS), sinkholes are a relatively common problem in Ripon because of the dissolution of thick gypsum deposits beneath the surface, forming a maze-like cave system. Originally seven homes were evacuated after news of the sinkhole, however a further five homes have since been evacuated after a sewer pipe collapsed following the sinkhole.

Incidents like this show the importance of instructing a full environmental report or a ground stability search to be carried out on a property. Ground Stability data is included in every Future Climate Info Standard and Premium environmental report for both residential and commercial properties. Geological experts will continue to assess the Ripon sinkhole so look out for updates on our LinkedIn and Twitter page!

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