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Future Climate Info and Terrafirma Raise the Bar for Environmental Reports

Two innovative environmental data experts join forces to create unique offering

Future Climate Info (FCI) has teamed up with Terrafirma to deliver the most comprehensive package yet of environmental risk data, protection and support for homebuyers.

Available now, the all-new Premium Plus CON29M combines Future Climate Info’s Premium residential environmental search, with Terrafirma’s new official CON29M coal mining search, which has been approved by The Law Society.

The Premium Environmental Search already includes comprehensive data and risk assessment for contaminated land, flood and subsidence, while highlighting energy and infrastructure projects that could impact the transaction.

Unlike other providers, the FCI Premium already had a unique combination of extra datasets such as neighbourhood air quality, high resolution insurability in relation to flooding and postcode specific subsidence risk rating.

Now, with the launch of the new partnership with Terrafirma, the bar has been raised further, with the addition of their new official CON29M Coal Mining Search.

Built using official Coal Authority data, Terrafirma’s search is backed by their expert panel of geology specialists, who are on hand to answer any concerns for homebuyers.

The report also includes nearby coal mining subsidence claims data, which would normally cost extra with other CON29M providers, ensuring that a fuller risk assessment can be provided quicker.

“The Premium Plus CON29M is the latest chapter in our innovation in the market” said Geoff Offen, Managing Director of Future Climate Info “Our aim is to always offer better value, clearer, more concise reports with data and support that homebuyers and conveyancers alike can trust. Working with equally innovative partners like Terrafirma who share this goal, means we can provide ever more clarity and guidance to keep transactions moving.”

Said Tom Backhouse, CEO of Terrafirma: “We are excited to be working with Future Climate Info to create the new standard for the combined environmental and coal mining risk assessment. Our combined expertise, access to support and inclusive data means that homebuyers get the insight they need in a comprehensive, yet easy to read report that meets Law Society and Lender compliance.“


About Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info (FCI) is an independent provider of environmental risk analytics that delivers professional insights and practical solutions to remove environmental risk from property transactions.

Launched in 2014, FCI was borne out of focus groups with property professionals to enhance the market and address failings with environmental reports.FCI has a client-focused, value-driven business model that combines human insight with sophisticated data manipulation. This results in comprehensive risk assessment reports that are clear, concise and solve problems for conveyancers and their clients.

About Terrafirma

Terrafirma is changing the way professionals identify, assess, manage and resolve the risks the ground poses. Combining existing and unique data with a professional opinion, their innovative approach to environmental risk and impact assessment ensures that professionals and consumers alike are forewarned to the reality and variety of risks the ground poses to properties and land across the UK.

Terrafirma lobbied the Industry to provide innovation within the Coal Mining report and are now proud to the first company to be provided a license for the CON29M by The Law Society.

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