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First storm of the season: Storm Angus

The UK witnessed its first storm of the winter season this weekend with torrential rain and flooding continuing through to Monday.

Storm Angus caused chaos for coastal areas as 80mph winds swept in, with some residents having to evacuate their homes in Devon and many properties left without power.

A rescue operation was also underway early Sunday morning as a 220-metre long vessel – the Saga Sky called for help. Due to the severe weather conditions, the vessel hit a barge full of rocks which caused it to lose power and steering. Eleven members of the 23-man crew were airlifted and taken to safety as the others battled the storm to move the vessel into clearer waters.

The Met Office issued amber weather warnings for both wind and rain to parts of the UK with forecasters urging residents “to be prepared for disruption to travel services, interruptions to power supplies and some damage to buildings.”

Southern England commuters were faced with cancellations and delays on public transport to ensure all tracks and roads were safe and clear of debris and passengers travelling between Calais and Dover were told to also expect delays.

A “major incident” was declared early hours on Sunday morning as the River Mole burst its banks which resulted in a residential park being evacuated.

Western and North-Western France were also affected by Storm Angus with nearly 70,000 homes left without power on Sunday.

The good news… forecasters say the storm passed through the UK towards the North Sea on Sunday afternoon so it is likely that we might still experience stronger winds and rain than usual over the next couple of days before the weather settles down again.

To keep an eye on storms due to affect the UK, head over to the Met Office for updates.

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