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Did someone say Specialist Flood Risk Services?


Now we’ve got your attention, we have something very exciting to tell you… A new and affordable range of flood risk solutions are coming your way!

With the homebuyer and commercial property purchaser in mind, we’ve teamed up with data and flood consulting-guru, JBA to provide a range of services to help determine and properly address flood risk.

With five options to choose from, the new services have the potential to significantly lower, or identify minimal flood risk in 40% of cases. Tailored to a range of different circumstances, they offer peace of mind and can help assist with buying decisions where flood risk is disclosed in an environmental search.

Starting from just £149 + VAT, the Report Review is the first of its kind in terms of an affordable and accessible flood risk service for property purchasers. This report provides desktop analysis and expert advice from JBA’s dedicated flood specialists to verify the property’s flood risk and confirm next steps, so clients can make informed decisions with confidence.

The more advanced options include:

  • Desktop Review – Providing a detailed analysis of readily available flood risk data, including JBA, Environmental Agency, Local Authority and publicly available planning records.
  • On-site Assessment – Which identifies flood mechanisms, flow paths and local ground conditions that may impact flooding at the property to further validate the actual flood risk on site.
  • Property Resilience Study - Giving practical advice on appropriate measures for reducing the consequences of flooding or damage caused to a property in the event of a flood.
  • Detailed Assessment - Ideally suited to larger properties (>0.25 hectares), development sites for planning purposes or where in-depth investigation is required.

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of FCI comments on the trusted partnership with JBA;

As the leading national consultants on flood risk, JBA were the first choice for us in developing this additional service to help conveyancers and homebuyers. Alongside providing the best available due diligence via our environmental searches, we can now provide a route to an affordable expert assessment of flood risk at an individual property.

Andrew Gubbin, Director at JBA commented;

JBA, the leading supplier of flood maps to the insurance industry within the UK, is delighted to be working with FCI on this important development for the benefit of conveyancers and their clients alike. FCI is a leader in the market with creative and innovative products which focus on resolving uncertainties that otherwise lead to delays or complications in conveyancing transactions. Our Report Review is a significant step change in the market, providing more affordable specialist advice and confirmation on what next steps if any are required.”

For more information on our new Specialist Flood Risk Services, please email or call +44 (0)1279 798111.

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