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Are you paying too much to view the risks?

As we all know the importance of advising on environmental risk has become a bit of a topical hot potato in recent months. With the ever changing climate and adverse weather patterns causing havoc with many homeowners, it is now also providing equally high profile headlines with recent sinkhole and ground stability problems across the UK. With this in mind, it is essential to obtain the highest level of property reports to provide peace of mind for both you and your clients.

There’s no doubt that it is becoming increasingly difficult for legal professionals to decipher between all the environment reports available within the marketplace. Yes, some reports boast all-encompassing data to protect you and your client in the event of any hidden risk, but you also want a report that provides the best value so there’s the right balance between compliance and cost. With Future Climate Info (FCI), we offer a comprehensive environmental report that provides clear and concise information at a very competitive price. Our FCI Premium residential covers over and above the risk elements required and provides a very user-friendly, easy to read report that will not bamboozle you or your clients.

Our Premium report includes information on energy and infrastructure, ground stability and uses the most up-to-date flood mapping data from JBA Risk Management. This high-resolution data is not based upon statistical claim evidence but detailed scientific analysis providing a fully compliant level of flood risk information, not only does this provide essential and vital information to your client, but it’s easier on their pocket too! In fact, all of the FCI reports contain the same high level of flood data, from the entry level Standard to the FCI Essential right through to our increasingly popular commercial reports.

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of Future Climate Info commented: “We always have our clients and their customers at the forefront, we love finding new innovative ways of challenging the marketplace and showcasing our products. Our FCI reports provide a complete bundle of extensive data, full risk assessments, simplified recommendations and a concise summary so transactions can move forward quickly.”

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