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Future Climate Info Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Air Quality Property Risk Reporting

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with EarthSense to include detailed air pollution data in all environmental risk reports for residential and commercial property transactions.

Homebuyers and property investors will now be able to access detailed information on a property’s surrounding air quality from our FCI environmental reports from Monday 30th April 2018.

For the first time, a UK environmental report for risk assessment of property transactions will include data on nearby Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels, using EarthSense’s MappAir® dataset – the UK’s first and only air quality dataset at 100m resolution.

The new air quality data within our reports will enable conveyancers and solicitors to provide their clients with a comprehensive assessment and guidance on all environmental risks including flooding, ground stability, environmental, and energy & infrastructure factors in a single report.

A recent survey by Economic Insight found that 37% of homebuyers chose their solicitors based on a recommendation – highlighting the business benefits of offering clients valuable insights and cost-effective services to help inform their property buying decisions.

Air quality has fast become one of the UK’s most pressing issues. Scientists estimate as many as 40,000 Britons die as a result of air pollution each year1, while the High Court recently judged 45 Local Authorities to be unlawfully2 breaching safe levels of NO2.

High resolution pollution mapping

Each FCI report will give the specific property and its surrounding area a rating from the EarthSense NO2 Air Quality Index, which assesses average NO2 levels at 100m resolution as a result of vehicle emissions and other sources.

Each report will give a clear index rating from 0 (a generally clean environment with very low chance of average NO2 levels exceeding annual legal limits) to 6 (polluted environments with major implications for human health).

Any rating of 3 and above means an area is likely to see NO2 levels exceed annual legal limits, worsening at peak traffic times and in stagnant weather conditions. Studies point towards minor long-term health conditions for people spending long periods in these conditions. MappAir® data suggests 1% of postcodes in England and Wales fall into this category, while FCI’s analysis suggests that 3% of property transactions in 2017 took place in these areas.

Air quality data will be available as part of all FCI reports on residential and commercial property transactions from Monday 30th April 2018.

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of Future Climate Info, comments:

“We’re delighted to have struck up a first-of-its-kind partnership with EarthSense to be able to offer homebuyers and property investors the best, high resolution air quality data available.”

“This is another example of FCI working to enhance the market and add value for conveyancers at no extra cost, while collaborating with the best of the best to develop new solutions. We’re constantly adding new datasets to address emerging environmental risks and once again we’re leading the way in enabling conveyancers and property professionals looking to respond to this consumer concern.”

“We believe all property buyers have the right to access as much information as possible about their chosen home or property investment. Air quality affects where we live as well as where we work so it’s now becoming more important for property buyers and investors alike.”

Tom Hall, Managing Director of EarthSense, comments:

“We are delighted to be working with FCI, a truly innovative company. FCI really understand how important it is to inform and raise homeowner awareness about the long-term health impacts of air pollution and how this may influence where you choose to live. This information becomes even more critical when considering a new home if the purchaser has children or any health condition sensitive to air pollution.”

For more information on the air quality dataset or to request a sample FCI report, please email, alternatively call +44 (0)1732 755180.


1 - Air pollution mortality estimates from the Royal Colleges of Physicians:

2 - High Court judgement, 21/2/18 – ClientEarth vs. DEFRA & Mayor of London,

About Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info (FCI) is an independent provider of environmental risk analytics that delivers professional insights and practical solutions to remove environmental risk from property transactions.

Launched in 2014, FCI was borne out of focus groups with property professionals to enhance the market and address failings with environmental reports.

FCI has a client-focused, value-driven business model that combines human insight with sophisticated data manipulation. This results in comprehensive risk assessment reports that are clear, concise and solve problems for conveyancers and their clients.

About EarthSense

EarthSense products enable the world to visualise and solve its air quality issues. A joint venture between aerial mapping company Bluesky and the University of Leicester, EarthSense supplies policy makers, planners and those responsible for delivering results access to real world information to support decision making.

With a mix of air quality hardware, bespoke modelling software, data analytics and people, EarthSense is a thought leader in air quality monitoring solutions and services, making a difference to people’s lives and delivering high value information to a range of customers.

EarthSense has delivered a range of air quality monitoring projects from air pollution monitoring equipment on a rocket to mobile mapping or air quality using air quality sensors mounted in electric cars. Future plans include the establishment of a global near real time air pollution map, feeding live data from our own network or sensors for up to the minute air quality predications.

About the MappAir® data

MappAir® is the first ever high resolution nationwide map of air pollution. Combining data from satellites and its own air quality monitoring sensors together with open source data, EarthSense has used complex modelling techniques to create the highly accurate map.

Currently available for the whole of the UK, MappAir® shows how air pollution, specifically nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter, changes across the country and within towns and cities, highlighting likely sources and potential clean-air refuge areas.

Using the British National Grid, EarthSense has divided the UK into 100 metre squares – about twice the size of an average football pitch. Air pollution readings from satellites and its own Zephyr air quality monitoring sensors were combined with open data, including traffic emissions and weather conditions, to produce an annual average for each ‘cell’. FCI has been able to map those readings to individual postcodes to offer property buyers their own air quality assessment.

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