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Read current case studies on Flood, Environmental, Energy & Infrastructure and Ground Stability related issues.

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The Climate is Changing...

The climate is changing and during the Winter of 2013–14 flood events occurred in the UK which resulted in flooding to the Thames Valley, coastal flooding in the South West and flooding in the Somerset Levels.

Is Your Property Value Sinking?

With rising sea levels and climate change, coastal erosion poses a real threat to the value and life of homeowners’ properties along the UK’s coastline.

The Impact of Historical Land use…

The UK has a long industrial history and many areas of land may have been contaminated by old industrial uses, with substances such as arsenic and lead being left behind in the soil.

Sink Holes: What Lies Beneath?

Significant areas of the UK are at risk from subsidence. The obvious culprit is coal mining, but there are also tin mines, and many other minerals...

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll blow your House Value Down…

Wind Farms near to a property could materially affect its capital value. Aside from the visual impact other concerns exist such as wind turbulence, low frequency “pulsing” sounds from the blades...

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