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Ground Stability

Subsiding in the Heat

03 Aug 2018

FCI address the connection between hot temperatures and soil moisture with relation to subsidence and the risks it poses to property owners. Homeowners and home buyers may not be aware or informed of the risk that hot weather has on the soil and the resulting effects of subsidence or ground instability. At FCI we provide an expert view in our environmental reports and will advise on the next steps that should be taken if further action is required.

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Heatwaves and Pollution: The Need to Adapt

30 Jul 2018

FCI addresses the need to adapt when it comes to heatwaves and air pollution due to a rising concern in relation to health issues and an increase in death rates. As the temperature will be getting warmer year on year adaptation may need to be considered with redesigning and building homes and properties that can adjust to the soaring temperatures.

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The Deceptive Drought

24 Jul 2018

FCI address the persistent heat and reduced rainfall that causes drought periods to lead to flood events. We dive deeper into understanding drought, surface flooding and erosion and the impact this has upon properties and critical infrastructure, therefore highlighting the fact that flood risk should be a key factor in environmental due diligence ahead of a property transaction.

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Infrastructure Commission: More Holistic, Proactive Flood Management Required.

20 Jul 2018

Climate change will continue to make extreme flooding events more likely in future years. Cities and towns and villages alike must be resilient and decisive policy action is needed to mitigate these risks. Future Climate Info look at the National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) recommendations on how to accommodate population and climate change challenges in relation to flood management.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Expand wind and solar farms to reach 50% of energy needs, says Commission

19 Jul 2018

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) was established on 2015 to advise Government on how to accommodate population and climate change challenges affecting the capacity of our existing infrastructure.

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